2017 Audi RS5 Spotted Testing

Audi has been spotted testing the new generation RS5 super coupe on the open road in Germany.

Following on from the release of the new Audi A5 and S5 models at the start of this month, the range topping RS5 will be based on the same platform as the B9 Audi A4.

At first glance you would be hard pressed to spot the difference between the new S5 and this test mule, however, upon closer inspection there are some tell-tale signs that you’re looking at Audi’s next RS5. Stick on flared wheel arches, wider rear tyres, a lower ride and the RS signature- dual oval exhausts.

5Audi is still yet to confirm engine specifications for the new RS5, however it is almost certain the current RS5 will be the swan song for naturally aspirated engines from the German manufacturer. A reworked version of the the 3.0L Turbocharged V6 from the new S4 and S5, with the addition of a second turbocharger, is expected to replace the naturally aspirated V8.

Audi RS models have traditionally been reserved for the final stage of a cars lifecycle, however, growing demands for performance cars has seen the RS moniker arriving earlier on in the product lifecycle.

6Expect to see the RS5 on sale in early 2017 going head to head with the Mercedes Benz C63S and BMW M4 for super coupe bragging rights.


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