Ferrari 458MM Speciale: One of One

Ferrari have released one final encore for their naturally aspirated V8 hero, the 458 Speciale. This Ferrari 458MM Speciale is a one off creation for an unnamed, unimaginably wealthy British client who has been gifted the ultimate naturally aspirated track day weapon.

ferrari-458-mm-speciale-frontThe 458MM Speciale has more aggressive lines and an even more imposing stance than the already purposeful 458, It also gets the the new 488 GTB’s side scoops and a whole host of visual upgrades that set it apart form a regular Speciale.

ferrari-458-mm-speciale-sideFrom the front, the 458MM gets a new set of headlights that draw inspiration from the 488GTB. The carbon-fibre rear bumper has also received an overhaul that make it more angular and more aggressive.

ferrari-458-mm-speciale-rearFerrari have not released any interior shots or details about the engine. We would imagine Ferrari would want to tell us about any increases to power over the standard 445kW/540Nm from the Speciale’s 4.5L naturally aspirated V8- chances are the 458MM retains the same engine.

If you happen to be an ultra-wealthy philanthropist and want Ferrari to build you one of these, unfortunately, they won’t. This 458MM is reserved for one-of-one status that is sure to see it fetch an obscene amount of money the the track should the lucky buyer ever choose to sell it.


Article by Liam Ridings Copywriter

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