McLaren 570S M2B Edition

They may have just missed the weekend cut off but McLaren has released a special edition 570s to celebrate 50 years of F1 racing at Monaco.

The model which will be known by the highly forgettable name ‘570S M2B Edition’ as an homage to the M2B F1 Car that was produced by Mr. McLaren himself, Bruce McLaren.

mclaren-570s-m2b-edi-5_1280x0wThe M2B Edition will retain the standard 419kW/600Nm 3.8L twin-turbo V8 from the 570- nearly double the output of McLaren’s 1966 F1 racing car that was powered by a 225kW Ford V8.

The M2B will receive visual modifications in the way of a special edition paint job of Pure White with British Racing Green racing stripe. McLaren has not released images of the interior but we hope that they have made some visual upgrades to justify the hefty price premium that buyers are expected to fork out over the standard 570S.

McLaren is still yet to confirm how many M2B will be made and which markets will receive them.


Article by Liam Ridings Copywriter

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