Porsche 911 R Prices Skyrocket Seven-Fold

Who said that property was the most sensible investment?

Just five months after the Porsche 911 R was revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motorshow, demand for the naturally aspirated six-cylinder manual sportscar is so high that used examples are trading on the second hand market for up to seven-times more than the original asking price.

porsche-911-2For those who missed the memo. The 911 R features the six-speed gearbox from the 911 GT3, the engine from the GT3 RS and a bespoke, understated body design that looks more like the standard Carrera than the road going, race-ready 911 that it is. Essentially, the 911 R offered customers the chance to own a less conspicuous, road-homologated version of the GT3 RS.

maxresdefaultThe 911 R’s 4.0L flat-six produces a hearty 368kW at 8250rpm and 460Nm at 6250rpm, combine this with a kerb weight of just 1370kg (50kg less than the GT3 RS) and the manual 911 R will muscle its way to 100km/h in 3.8sec and onto a top speed of 323km/h.

01 01 911 R Galerie 04When it was launched in the UK, the 911 R commanded an asking price of £136,901 ($240,000 AUD). Now, just five months after it was launched, demand for the 911 R is so high that some examples have traded for as much as £1million ($1.75million AUD). While the £1million sale does serve as an exception to the rule, the ball is likely to stop at £500,000 ($875,000 AUD) once the initial hype subsides.


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