2017 Nissan Nismo GT-R Revealed

Just in case the ‘standard’ 404kW/628Nm GT-R was a little too docile for your morning commute, Nissan has released details of the hard core 2017 Nismo GT-R that will make your drive to work even more frantic.

The 2017 Nismo GT-R is a stiffer, more focussed version of the already ludicrously fast GT-R. Engineers have reworked Nissan’s legendary, hand-crafted 3.8L twin-turbo V6 to extract a delightfully unnecessary 441kW that will see the all-wheel-drive GT-R Nismo crush 0-100km/h in an estimated 2.7sec- faster than any new car you can buy in Australia today.

1464564388388 (1) 1464564388388Other than an increase in power, the Nismo treatment also includes a slew of visual upgrades that include go-fast carbon fibre bits, a more aerodynamic body kit and an improved suspension set up that will set the Nismo apart from the standard GT-R. The six speed dual clutch automatic gearbox in the Nismo remains unchanged from the standard GT-R. with previous Nismo editions, Nissan Australia are yet to confirm whether or not the Nismo GT-R will make it to Australia.

We have our fingers crossed.

Article by Liam Ridings Copywriter

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