APR Stage 3 VW Golf GTI For Sale

This 2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI offers supercar scaring performance in the shape of an unassuming five door hatchback. With an APR Stage 3 GT2860 turbo upgrade under the bonnet and a long list of supporting modifications, this GTI is making somewhere in the vicinity of 250kW at the front wheels- that’s over 400hp at the crank in old money.

gti 1 gti 3APR is a heavy hitter in the world of after-market VAG (Volkswagen Auto Group) with a strong reputation of unleashing ballistic power without sacrificing reliability and drivability. With upgraded brakes/suspension and a limited slip differential to match its newly unleashed power, this GTI is a back road storming performance hatchback with the practicality of five seats and a large boot.

Generated by Carsales Image Server on 08:10.51 12/05/2016 Generated by Carsales Image Server on 08:10.50 12/05/2016At $24,000 with 90,000km on the clock, this 2009 Golf GTI is good value for a standard model of the same age and mileage. Given this GTI has received aftermarket modifications worth close to $30,000 once installed, it is unbelievable value. For those looking to surprise AMG A45 and Audi RS3 owners this inconspicuous Golf GTI is an excellent proposition.

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Price SOLD    Location Newstead, QLD   Mileage 90,050km




Volkswagen Golf GTI




6 speed manual


Front Wheel Drive


2.0L Turbocharged 4 cylinder


~250kW ATW / ~4.5sec

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