BMW M135i for Sale

The M135i is one of the most intriguing propositions in the BMW line up. The range topping 1-Series hatch packs an impressive 235kW/450Nm– thanks to a turbocharged inline-six, it offers voracious performance, refinement and practicality. Unlike its German rivals the Audi RS3 and Mercedes AMG A45, the M135i forgoes the predictability of all-wheel-drive in favour of a driver focussed rear wheel drive arrangement.

The M135i sits below the fabled ‘M Car’ range to the detriment of bragging rights but to the benefit of pricing. With an RRP price of $62,900 the M135i is almost $40,000 cheaper than the new M2 without sacrificing too much in the way of performance and driver enjoyment. For purists, the M135i’s rear-wheel-drive configuration and six-cylinder engine makes it the the obvious choice for those looking to combine the practicality of a hatchback and the performance of a sports coupe.

Generated by Carsales Image Server on 07:10.05 26/05/2016For $59,000 you get a 6000km old M135i with a slew of upgrades that make this car an even more appealing proposition. Tasteful modifications in the way of 2 series facelift, H&R front and rear sway bars, blackline taillights and a BCS catback exhaust so you can enjoy that glorious 6-cylinder turbocharged engine note every time you drive it.


Price $55,000    Location St Ives, NSW   Mileage 6000km




BMW M135i




8 Speed Sports Automatic


Rear Wheel Drive


3.0L Turbocharged In-line 6 Cylinder


235kW/450Nm /0-100km/h 4.9sec



Sellers contact details can be found HERE



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