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Gosford Classic Car Museum Ferrari

Notwithstanding the hundreds of rare and unique cars on display at the Gosford Classic Car Museum, Tony Denny’s collection of more than thirty Ferrari’s currently on display is worth the cost of admission alone.

Whether you’re a car nut who can quote power figures with the best of them or just a casual admirer, Denny’s Ferrari collection is sure to leave you in awe.

Headlining the astonishing collection of Italian Supercars is Ferrari’s legendary F1 inspired trio; The F40, F50 and Enzo. The most recent and expensive addition Denny’s incredible collection is the 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari which is rumoured to have cost a cool $5M AUD landed in Australia. We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of Ferrari’s on display at Gosford Classic Car Museum, however, in order to truly appreciate this much valuable metal in one place, you’ll have to make the pilgrimage for yourself.

1989 Ferrari F40

When it launched in 1987 the Ferrari F40’s asking price of $400,000 USD made it the most expensive car to ever leave the Maranello factory. Now, almost thirty years on, the F40 is one of the most revered and highly sought after classic supercars in the world.

The F40 is powered by a mid-mounted 2.9L twin-turbo V8 engine that delivers a brutal 385kW/577Nm to launch the rear-wheel-drive supercar to 100km/h in a mere 3.9sec and beyond the magical 200MPH (322km/h) barrier.

The appeal of the Ferrari F40 is not simply its mind blowing power, but rather the way that it generates that power. In 1987 forced induction was an unproven novelty that remained to be recognised for use in road cars, the vicious delivery of power in the F40 and its ability to rip through the redline is what made it one of the most progressive cars ever built.

F40 1 F40 7 F40 2 F40 6 F40 5

1996 Ferrari F50

Whilst legendary in its own right, the F50 is remembered as the sequel that never quite lived up to expectations. Polarising looks and a naturally aspirated engine that made it slower than its predecessor is what made the F50 one of the most controversial models that Ferrari have ever released.

Featuring a reworked version of the 1990 Ferrari 641 F1 car, the F50’s 4.7L naturally aspirated V12 engine produced a respectable 382kW/470Nm and accelerated to 100km/h in 3.9sec- the same time as the F40. To its detriment, the naturally aspirated engine made the F50 more predictable and less sensational than the 2.9L turbocharged V8 that it replaced.

F50 1 F50 2 F50 5 F50 4 F50 3

2003 Ferrari Enzo

Whenever a manufacturer names a model after its founder you know that you’re in for something rather special- and the Enzo is no exception to the rule. The spiritual successor to the F40 and the F50, the Enzo aimed to utilise Ferrari’s F1 technology and apply it to a road going race car. Powered by a mid-mounted V12, the Enzo produces 485kW/657Nm and accelerates to 100km/h in 3.7sec.

The Enzo looks purposeful and dramatic from all angles, the F1 inspired front end is both stunning and resolute. It’s hard difficult not to be intimidated when you stand in front of it, in a room full of expensive and admirable cars, the Enzo stands alone as one of the most inspiring cars in Tony Denny’s collection.

Enzo 2  Enzo 4 Enzo 5 Enzo 6

2015 Ferrari LaFerrari

The successor to the legendary Enzo, The Ferrari LaFerrari is a two seat road going race car that combines a 6.3L V12 with KERS battery system and an electric motor to produce a scarcely believable 708kW/900Nm. The LaFerrari boasts a top speed of 350km/h and is capable of accelerating beyond the national speed limit in well under 3sec.

Forgoing the traditional meaning of a hybrid car, the LaFerrari’s hybrid motors are used to improve responsiveness and make it more drivable in everyday conditions. With only 499 built, the LaFerrari is a ‘money can’t buy hypercar’ offered exclusively to Ferrari’s most important and influential customers.

LaFerrari 1 LaFerrari 2 LaFerrari 3

2012 Ferrari 599 GTB Alonso

599 GTB Alonso 2 599 GTB Alonso 1 599 GTB Alonso 6 599 GTB Alonso 7 599 GTB Alonso 3 599 GTB Alonso 5

1988 Ferrari Testarossa

1988 Testarossa

1995 Ferrari 512 TR

Ferrari 512 TR 1995

1997 Ferrari 456 GTA

1997 456 GTA


2006 Ferrari 575 Super America

2006 575 super america

1999 Ferrari 360 Modena

1999 360 Modena

1978 Ferrari 512BB

1978 512 BB

1981 Ferrari 400i

1971 400i

1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GT

1973 Dino 246 GT

1988 Ferrari 328 GTS

1988 328 GTS

1974 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

1974 dino 308 gt4

1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4

1972 365

1964 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2

1964 330 GT

1969 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

1969 Ferrari 365 GT


Contact details for Gosford Classic Car Museum can be found HERE



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