LaFerrari Wrecked During Sneezing Fit

It’s the news that will make car lovers around the world wince in pain.

The most expensive car to ever roll out of Maranello, a 2.7M AUD Ferrari LaFerrari, has been wrecked when one owner confused the size of their wallet with their driving ability. The driver has cited an untimely sneezing fit as the culprit for losing control of the car.

What was supposed to be a leisurely drive through the Italian country side at the 2016 Ferrari Cavalcade Rally, ended in tears when the driver lost control of the 772kW hypercar. The Laferrari plowed through a restaurant sign and landed on top of a small boulder- where it remained until tow truck drivers winched it onto the back of a truck.

Before the car was towed, licence plates were removed and the car was covered- presumably to save the driver some embarrassment down at the country club and ensure future value on the car. With only 499 units made available for sale, the hyper-limited Laferrari just became even more exclusive.


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