Land Wind X7: Evoque Rip Off in Hot Water

Well it was only a matter of time wasn’t it

The Country responsible for Nyke sneakers and Rolax Watches has now forged its way into the world of automotive imitations; welcome to the Land Wind X7.

Whilst the Land Wind X7 isn’t the first Chinese knockoff car to hit the market, it is the most brazen example to date. Stealing styling inspiration from the small SUV Range Rover Evoque, the Land Wind X7 is now in hot water with Jaguar Land Rover filing a lawsuit against the Chinese manufacturer on the grounds of copyright infringement.

landwind-x7-02-1It is not unusual for car makers to seek inspiration from other manufacturers, however, the Land Wind steps into new territory with its unapologetic rip off of the Evoque. The Land Wind has been barred from international sale but still remains available for purchase in China for the equivalent price of $25,000 AUD.

Whilst the Case of the Land Wind X7 may seem almost comical, it serves as an important precedent for the future of Chinese automotive imitations. The court ruling will provide a benchmark on how closely Chinese automakers will be allowed to ‘draw inspiration’ form their European counterparts before it is deemed to be a cheap knock off.


Sales of the Land Wind X7 are currently on hiatus in China pending the outcome of legal proceedings, one thing’s for sure though, don’t expect to see the Land Wind X7 in Australia any time soon.



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