Mazda RX7 Spirit R-Type: #0458/1500 For Sale

With no traction control and no driver aids, this 2002 Mazda RX7 Spirit R-Type is a fear-provoking twin-turbo Rotary weapon- push it too far and you’ll pay the price.

In a world of all-wheel-drive, understeering hot hatches that flatter the inexperienced driver, this rear-wheel-drive RX7 is an unforgiving beast that rewards skilled drivers and punishes anyone who bites off more than they can chew. The RX7 is the Rotary predecessor to the woefully underpowered Mazda RX8 that revved high, sucked fuel and embarrassed anyone who thought they could take on a moderately powerful family car at the traffic light grand prix.

RX7 6RX7 4The twin-turbo powered RX7 is the ultimate weekend weapon. Its high revving rotary coupled with a powerful twin-turbo setup and manual gear box is a setup that is made to be enjoyed on an empty, windy road. The Spirit R is not the sort of car that you can get in and drive fast from the get-go, you need to spend some time with it, learning its idiosyncrasies and understanding the limits of its rear-wheel drive grip. Once you get to know it, the RX7 Spirit R provides one of the most engaging and rewarding platforms for skilled drivers.


RX7 2

This Spirit R is number 458 out of a limited run of just 1500 units globally. With no aftermarket modifications and and 114,282km on the clock this RX7 is an increasingly rare commodity. The Spirit R is the perfect platform for rotary fans looking for big power or someone looking to maintain factory drivability in a classic rotary.

Price SOLD Location Adelaide, South Australia    Mileage 114,282km




Mazda RX7 Spirit R-Type




5sp Manual


Rear Wheel Drive


2 cylinder Petrol Twin Turbo Intercooled 13BL



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