Mercedes R63 AMG For Sale

The Mercedes Benz R63 AMG is the ridiculously fast people carrier that you have probably never heard of.

This ‘Super Mini Van’ R63 AMG is one of only two examples that were brought into Australia and during a limited run of the top of the range R-Class in 2007- with reports suggesting that less than 200 units globally.

R63 2 R63 4  The R63 is powered by AMG’s superb 380kW/680Nm naturally aspirated V8 that features in in a range of AMG models including; the E63, CLS63 and ML63 to name a few. Despite weighing more than 2.1tonnes, the all-wheel-drive R63 is still capable of reaching 100km/h in a scarcely believable time of just 4.6sec.

R63 8R63 5With only two examples in Australia, this Mercedes R63 AMG promises exclusivity amongst your peers. Whilst it may not be a future classic just yet, the R63 is a prized spot for Mercedes fans and is capable of surprising its SUV rivals on the morning school run.

R63 6


 Price $64,900    Location Pennant Hills, NSW   Mileage 108,400km






Mercedes R63 AMG




7sp Automatic Single Clutch


All Wheel Drive


6.3L Naturally Aspirated V8





By Liam Ridings Copywriter



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