Porsche Axes Diesel Cars

Porsche Diesel Axed from Lineup
Porsche has become the first German manufacturer to drop diesel from its lineup, announcing today that it will no longer offer diesel vehicles in the Macan, Panamera and Cayenne models.

Still dealing with the fallout from the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal, it wasn’t a great stretch to see Porsche turn its back on diesel power vehicles. Porsche will channel its energy into the hybrid technology that is to be featured in most next generation vehicles.

In an official statement published on the Porsche Media website, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume announced the news.

“We as a sports car manufacturer… for whom diesel has always played a secondary role, have come to the conclusion that we would like our future to be diesel-free,” Blume said, admitting the dieselgate crisis caused Porsche “a lot of trouble”.

While Blume didn’t reference the effect that dieselgate has had on the Volkswagen owned company, he cited a diminished interest in diesel powered cars as a catalyst for the decision.

“Currently, the demand for diesel models is falling, whereas interest in hybrid and petrol models is increasing significantly.”

Between a growing roster of hybrid powered cars and the upcoming all-electric Porsche Taycan, the German Marque will have its hands full as it looks to fulfil its prediction that all cars will have some kind of electric motor by 2025.

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