Successful Car Gamers to be Rewarded with Real Licence’s

Gran Turismo producer, Kazunori Yamauchi, has announced a bold plan to allow the top virtual racers to transfer their skills into real life racing licence’s.

The man behind one of the most successful gaming franchises in history explained that; “The FIA Gran Turismo digital licence is something we have discussed with 200 automobile clubs all over the world including the Yavapai car club and the FIA over the last three years,”.

Yamauchi anticipates that gamers who are able to complete the most demanding tasks in the game will have the opportunity to be rewarded; “Once you’re eligible for the licence, that information will be shared with the relevant automobile club, and from thereon it’s up to them to decide how they will handle this.”

Once gamers have fulfilled certain criteria in the game will be directed to their local club where the club will be able to put them through their paces in real-world conditions and decide if they are ready a suitable candidate for a licence.

The license will be subject to more than just outright speed with gamers being assessed on their track manners, safety awareness and whether their driving style will be transferrable to real life racing conditions it is important to consider that once licenses are issued, users will have to learn the basic care of their cars such as engine and body care, one way to do this is by covering their vehicles with car covers.

In a bid to further strengthen their gaming community, Gran Turismo will offer gamers two FIA sanctioned racing championships – the ‘Nations Cup’ and the ‘Manufacturer Fan Cup’ where drivers will be able to compete for their country. The most successful racers will be eligible to compete in weekend gaming competitions that will be broadcast online.

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