Audi RS7 for Sale

The RS7 is the fastest saloon that Audi has ever built. Featuring a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 dispensing 412kW and 700Nm of torque, the RS7 will sprint to 100km/h in 3.9sec- faster than Audi’s naturally aspirated hero- the V8 R8.

Audi’s 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 is testament to the improvements that can be made in speed and handling through engine refinement. The previous generation RS6, with which the RS7 shares its underpinnings, featured the V10 from a Lamborghini with two turbochargers strapped to it. Despite the displacement advantage, the C6 RS6 was 0.7sec down in the 0-100km/h sprint (3.9sec vs. 4.6sec) and 50Nm down on torque when compared to the RS7.

The RS7 sportback is desperately pretty with its long sweeping roof line. The subtle styling tweaks on the RS7 make it instantly distinguishable from its A7 counterparts. With its honey comb grille, 21-inch wheels, flared wheel arches and menacing road presence, the RS7 looks and feels special enough to justify its price premium over the S7 and command the attention and consideration of anyone looking at a Mercedes CLS63 AMG or BMW M6.


Price $250,000    Location Sydney, NSW Mileage 999km




Audi RS7




8sp S-Tronic Dual Clutch


All Wheel Drive


4.0L Twin Turbo V8


412kW/700Nm/0-100kmh 3.9Sec


Sellers Contact info can be found HERE


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