Electric Porsche Mission E Details

Porsche Mission E
Porsche are set to follow in the footsteps of Electric Trailblazer, Tesla, with the upcoming all-electric Porsche Mission E.

Speaking to Auto Express at the recent Geneva Motorshow Porsche CEO Oliver Blume revealed that the Mission E will be just over 5 metres in length- smaller than the current generation Porsche Panamera.

Concept Porsche Mission E Driving on Digitally Generated RoadContrary to early speculation, the Porsche Model E won’t simply be a ‘city car’ alternative for Porsche’s wealthy clientele. The Porsche Model E is expected to have a driving range of 500 kilometres, and, with the aid of a 150kW fast charging network, the Mission E can be topped up to 80% capacity (400 kilometre driving range) within 15 minutes. The charging technology may also be compatible with Tesla’s existing supercharger network which would allow Mission E owners to use a simple adapter to utilise Tesla charge points.

Concept Porsche Mission E At an Electric Charging StationBlume explained that Porsche expects to sell 20,000 Mission E models each year, and, similarly to other model ranges, the Model E is likely to be accompanied by a high-performance GT-E variant.

“We will think of different options. There will be more than one. With different levels of power.”

Concept Porsche Mission E Parked at a City LookoutDespite the excitement, Porsche are still a long way off confirming vehicle details and specifications with a launch date not expected until 2020. Blume explained that, before going on sale, there needs to be charging infrastructure in place to make the Mission E a viable alternative for petrol and diesel powered vehicles.

Concept Porsche Mission E Being Driven by a man side profileThe Mission E is being billed as the most important vehicle in Porsche’s recent history and is expected to usher in a new era of battery powered performance vehicles. The mission E will be built in Stuttgart, Germany, alongside other Petrol and Diesel powered Porsche models. At this stage of development, a release date has not been revealed or even speculated.

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