Lamborghini Sales Set to Double

Following in the same vein as Porsche when they launched the hugely successful Porsche Cayenne in 2004, Lamborghini are preparing to beef up sales figures with their first mass-production SUV.

In a plan outlined by Lamborghini CEO, Stefana Domenicali, the Italian manufacturer plans to dramatically increase current production figures, culminating in a vehicle output of 7000 by 2019- more than double what Lamborghini produced in 2015.

Lamborghini Urus Concept in RedSpeaking to Reuters, Domenicali said the Italian will push hard to sell 3500 or more of the Lamborghini SUV by 2019. Whilst it may seem counterintuitive to the legacy of the outlandish hyper-car maker, the ambitious plan is expected to float Lamborghini financially and bring them into line with increasingly rigid emissions regulations.

The Lamborghini SUV is expected to take the name of “Lamborghini Urus”, the name of the crossover concept that was debuted in 2012. Initially powered by a petrol engine likely derived from their supercar lineup, the Lamborghini Urus will also receive a plug-in hybrid version, with plans to build a completely electric Lamborghini already in the pipeline.

To keep existing supercar customers happy, Lamborghini will limit supercar production to 3500 units per year in order to maintain brand prestige and exclusivity.

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