Porsche Nuremburg Record Under Threat

The trail blazing 918 Hybrid Hypercar is about to come under fire from the Koenigsegg One: 1.

Porsche set the production car record in 2013 with the 918 Spyder when it lapped the fabled German circuit in 6min 57sec. Koenigsegg’s record breaking attempt was put to the side in 2015, when, following a string of serious accident claims, the Nuremburg ring imposed speed limits. When the decision was overturned in April of this year Koenigsegg reaffirmed their intentions to go after the record.

koen 3Powered by a 5.0L twin-turbo V8 engine that is tuned to run on more potent E85 fuel, the Sweedish Hypercar produces an immense 1000kW/1371Nm on E85, which, according to Koenigsegg, means the One: 1 will accelerate to 400km/h in 20seconds. Using regular pump fuel, the One: 1 produces a more conservative 865kW.

koen 2Koenigsegg is yet to confirm whether it will use E85 or regular pump fuel on their record attempt. Speculation suggests that Koenigsegg may choose to use regular pump fuel in order to shelve any speculation suggesting that they had an unfair advantage over their German rival.

koen 4The record may still be still be a few months away with Koenigsegg stating that they will attempt the record under private track conditions, which, are few and far between.

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