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Turbocharged Toyota 86 for Sale

When it was launched in 2012, the Toyota 86 was an overwhelming sales success for the Japanese manufacturer. The Toyota/Subaru joint venture was praised for delivering a driver oriented, rear-wheel-drive sports coupe with an accessible price tag. Now, more than four years since its launch, fans have been left high and dry by the 86 as the Japanese manufacturer insists on delivering only subtle engine tweaks to the 2.0-litre flat-four boxer engine, all the while knowing that the addition of a turbocharger could transform the 86 from a good sports car, into a legend.

Unwilling to wait for an engine upgrade that may never arrive, the owner of this 86 has employed the help of Sydney tuning company Tunehouse to create the car that should have come from the factory. The addition of the THR Spec R Garrett GTX turbo kit has increased power and torque from 125.8kW/188.2Nm to 204kW/305.8Nm at the wheels, eradicating the infamous torque hole between 3500-4500RPM and creating a sense of immediacy from the engine that can be enjoyed in daily driving conditions. Supporting handling and braking mods including Bilstein B14 coilovers, adjustable lower control arms and Brembo/TRD front and rear brake kit, ensure that the 86 doesn’t forfeit its famous handling characteristics in lieu of more power.

With an asking price of $42,900, this Toyota 86 GTS with 29,800km on the clock is significantly more expensive than the asking price. That being said, with 204kW/305Nm at the wheels, it also delivers a monumental increase on factory power that transforms the 86 from a friendly coupe into a genuine sports car capable of going toe-to-toe with cars well above its paygrade.



Price $42,900    Location Engadine, NSW   Mileage 29,800km




Turbocharged Toyota 86 GTS




6 Speed Manual


Rear Wheel Drive


Turbocharged 2.0L 4 Cylinder


204kW/305Nm /0-100km/h ~5sec


Sellers contact details can be found HERE


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