Ford Focus RS Mk2 for Sale

When the Ford Focus RS Mk2 launched in 2009 it made other hot hatchback’s look tame and, well, boring by comparison.  Its unapologetically over-styled, beefed up body kit makes it instantly recognizeable as the most powerful hatchback that Ford has ever made.

RS 4RS 3This 2010 example in Viper Green is a future classic as the new Mk3 Ford Focus RS moves away from front wheel drive and embraces AWD in the quest for greater off-the-mark performance and all weather handling stability.

RS 2The Focus RS features a heavily reworked version of the 2.5L five cylinder engine that has been used in everything from the Focus ST to the Volvo S60. The Focus RS benefits from a bigger turbo, intercooler and strengthened internals. As a result, the Focus RS produces 224kW/440Nm and completes the 0-100km/h sprint in 5.9sec- not bad from a FWD hatchback.

RS 5RS 7This 2010 Focus RS features a slew of aftermarket upgrades including; Custom tune, Airtec intercooler and 3inch turbo-back exhaust- just to name a few. We expect that these upgrades would translate to ~300kW at the engine.

RS 6


Price $34,990    Location Perth, Western Australia Mileage 51,814km




Model Ford Focus RS
Year 2010
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Drive Front Wheel Drive
Engine 2.5L Turbocharged 5 Cylinder
Performance 224kW/440Nm/0-100km/h 5.9sec


Written by Liam Ridings



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