McLaren P1 XP and F1 GTR Get Together for a Family Photo

Is this the ultimate two car garage?

This stunning McLaren P1 XP and F1 GTR duo privately owned by one very lucky individual have come together for something of a family photo at Silverstone Race Track.

3Two of the most pioneering hypercars ever made, the McLaren P1 XP and F1 GTR, reside in one garage in Britain. The McLaren F1 GTR started out life as a Le Mans race car in 1995, driven by Fabien Giroix, Jean-Denis Délétraz and Olivier Grouillard, the car was privately purchased after the race and sent back to McLaren to be modified so that it could be driven as a street car.

5Acquired by its current owner in 2000, the McLaren F1 GTR was joined by the McLaren P1 XP in 2013 when McLaren offered to build a P1 to the same specification as its predecessor. The stunning P1 XP was sold in a pre-production run of 15 prototype cars that were reserved for McLaren’s most loyal customers.



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