Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo for Sale

In standard guise, the Lamborghini Gallardo is no slouch. Powered by a naturally aspirated 5.0L V10, the Gallardo produces a commendable 395kW of power and 510Nm of torque, enough to hurtle to 100km/h in a mere 3.8sec. For the owner of this Gallardo, however, these figures all seemed a little pedestrian. To fix the issue, the car was packed into a shipping container, sent to world renowned Lamborghini tuners Underground Racing in the USA, and transformed into a 1155kW animal. No, that isn’t a typo, this car now produces almost three-times more power than the standard Gallardo.

Underground Racing is one of the most highly regarded Lamborghini tuners in the world. Praised for their ability to produce immense power figures whilst retaining a level of factory refinement and reliability that other tuners can’t match. The list of modifications that has gone into this car is extensive to say the least. Headlining the all-encompassing list of modifications is; A twin-turbo system featuring custom twin billet 62mm Precision Turbochargers, Tial billet wastegate and billet blow off valves, Underground Racing Custom Billet Short Block, two custom billet fuel pump hangers with high flow fuel pumps and custom ECU tuning to ensure that the car is producing optimum power for drivability and long term reliability.

Thanks to Underground Racing, this Lamborghini Gallardo now produces 800kW on pump fuel and an astounding 1155kW to all-four wheels on race fuel. To put that performance into perspective, this twin-turbo Gallardo will sprint to 100km/h in around 2sec and pass through the quarter mile in around 9sec flat travelling at over 270km/h. One example in the US, tuned by Underground Racing to produce 1300kW, has run an 8.35sec quarter mile.

Price $349,000    Location Sydney, NSW   Mileage 15,842km




Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo




6 Speed Automatic Single Clutch


All Wheel Drive


5.0L Twin Turbo V10


1155kW ATW/0-100km/h ~2.0sec


Sellers contact details can be found HERE


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