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5 Hilarious Chinese Knockoff Cars

With news that Jaguar Land Rover have filled legal action against Chinese car maker Land Wind over their Evoque inspired Land Wind X7, we took a look at some of the most blatant knock offs to emerge from China.

Geely GE

With a flying lady on the bonnet and an ominous front grille you would need to be a discerning car connoisseur to be able to tell the difference between the Geely GE and the $750,000 Rolls Royce Phantom at first glance. Touted as China’s cut price answer to the Geely GE, Rolls Royce were less amused than the public when they filled a law suit against the Chinese car manufacturer.

Geely GE


Rolls Royce Phantom


 Shuanguan SCEO

If you gave an amateur artist a photo of a BMW X5 and then took it away asked them to draw it entirely from memory you might end up with something very similar to the Shuanguan SCEO. The Chinese manufacturers attempt to imitate the German powerhouse ended badly when BMW decided to sue.

Shuanguan SCEO




Land Wind X7

It would be rude to leave the Land Wind X7 off the list. The Range Rover Evoque ‘inspired’ soft roader first debuted at the Shanghai motor show in 2015 to the bemusement of motoring journalists. It wasn’t until Land Wind decided that they would put it into production in 2016 that the joke stopped and Land Rover Jaguar filled a lawsuit against the Chinese manufacturer on the grounds of copyright infringement.

Landwind X7


Range Rover Evoque


Shuanguan Noble

Chinese car maker, Shuanguan’s, design team must have had a severe case of Deja Vu when they designed the noble. The Smart Fortwo inspired two seater makes no apologies for its copycat styling- we hate to think how this would score in the ANCAP safety rating.

Shuanguan Noble


Smart ForTwo

smart fortwo

LIfan 330

There’s something quintessentially British about driving down a leafy country road in your Lifan 330. The same company that enjoyed racing success in the 1960s.. Oh wait, Sorry, we’re thinking of Mini again- excuse us. The Lifan 330 costs roughly 1/5th the price of a new Mini Clubman and we’re certain that’s still far too much.

Lifan 330

lifan 330

Mini Cooper Clubman


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