BMW M6 Celebration Edition

BMW are keeping busy with yet another unique, special-edition, hyper-limited etc. model. The M6 is the latest in a long line of one off editions that the German manufacturer will release to commemorate their 100th anniversary. The BMW M6 Celebration Edition Competition is limited to just 13 units that will be sold exclusively to the Japanese market.

The Competition Edition will come in a distinctive Austin Yellow with exclusive, black 20inch wheels, black grille and an array of carbon fibre bits that will set the Competition Edition apart from the poor souls driving around in a standard BMW M6.

BMW m6 2 BMW m6 3BMW have extracted even more power from the 4.4L twin-turbo V8 that has an increased output from the standard 412kW/680Nm up to a colossal 441kW/700Nm. These engine tweaks mean that this M6 will accelerate to 100km/h in just 3.9sec and onto a top speed of more than 300km/h.

m6 1Strangely enough, BMW will sell the M6 Celebration Edition Competition exclusively in left hand drive, despite Japan is a right hand drive market, in order to maintain German authenticity.

m6 4BMW Japan will commence orders on July 9 with an equivalent price tag of $290,000AUD- less than what Australian buyers fork out for the regular BMW M6 competition pack.

Article by Liam Ridings Copywriter

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